Whose Team Will You Be On?

I found that I’ve chosen sides or “teams” with my characters, despite the fact that I know who “wins.” It’s probably ridiculous of me, but at the same time, I think it is helping me build the characters. It’s also getting me really excited, since it’d be neat to have other people choose a team too. It’s fun to hear that people are already cheering for one side over another. Team Gabe or Team Echo?

The first person to do this was my sister and beta-reader for LUMINOSITY, Jamie, who decided (if I recall correctly) to be on Team Gabe. One of my editors has chosen to be on Team Echo, and the other is holding out a little more before she decides. She also made me tell her who wins, which is so cheating. Then again, I have chosen my team, and I know who wins too! Maybe I’ll just change it on everyone at the last minute and blow people’s minds!

…or not.

I wrote a great scene today, that I’m extra proud of. The second book is going well, and I have a renewed sense of “go go go!” now that I’m past those first few chapters. They are always the hardest to write, I think, but once I get by them, the rest of the book just spews out of me uncontrollably, like having a word flu. Wasn’t that a disgusting metaphor?

Anyway, I hope that one day, when LUMINOSITY comes out, you’ll get to pick your team.

PS: This banner is silly. Excuse my silliness.


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