Marketing: What Do You Personally Want to See?

My husband and I were sitting down at our first anniversary dinner, and we were discussing what is coming up for LUMINOSITY and how it’s going to be marketed/promoted. Now, my husband doesn’t know too much about this whole process, but he does know something about it, and he brought up a very interesting point: What can I do that hasn’t been done a million times before?

In a way, he’s right. We get so inundated with the same approaches that it’s hard to stand out in the middle of fifty million blog tours. He suggested that we step up to the plate and bring something that’s different and innovative…but we still haven’t figured out what this will be yet.

My question to you fabulous readers is this: What kind of marketing do you like to see both as a reader, and as a writer?


2 thoughts on “Marketing: What Do You Personally Want to See?

  1. I love trading cards. cupcakes. beefcakes. uh. lottery tickets? lol I am also becoming quite addicted to trailers — especially ones with great music. 🙂

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