I’ve Been Tagged: Sneak Peek at My WIP

I’ve been tagged in this silly game of sevens! If I tag you, you have to go to the 7th page of your current WIP, go to the 7th paragraph, and copy and paste the next 7 sentences. My sentences are from LUMINOSITY’s sequel, and thankfully, it doesn’t have any spoilers!

        “But, Your Highness, she is one of them.” Avery regards me with that same, untrusting glare.
        “She is mine.” Echo snaps.
        “Yours?” I question in return.
        Echo blushes and adds shyly, “My guest, I mean.”
        I watch him curiously for a little while, but relent with a nod, choosing not to press his statement any further.

In all of its unedited bliss. I hope you enjoyed it!

I tag: Laura Kaye, Stephanie Draven, Christi Barth, Lea Nolan…and I can’t think of anyone else who hasn’t already been tagged.


Some Pictures

My book swag FINALLY arrived. I’m pretty happy with it, except the post cards, which didn’t come out as I designed them. That, and the delivery sucked, since they brought it to my house when I wasn’t there, then took it back to the post office and never told me. I had to reschedule a delivery TWICE. But, it’s here! Here’s a peek:



Also, I bought some primroses  the other day at the grocery store in honor of The Hunger Games. The primroses were so cute, nestled in their little leaves with their little sunshiney selves (I wrote all of that in a goochie-goo baby voice, by the way), I couldn’t resist.



Lauren DeStefano

She has been climbing up my list of authors that I truly respect. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I see myself in her. We’re nearly the same age, we’re chasing the same dreams — dreams that she’s managed to reach before I have. Her blog is filled with wonderful, truthful and insightful writing, my favorite of which is the entry about body image and how you don’t have to be perfect to be successful. Isn’t that the truth?

Today has been quite a day for me. In fact, this whole week has been a roller coaster ride. It’s always reassuring to see someone who has “made it,” — someone like me. It doesn’t seem so impossible, then. Maybe, in a year, I’ll be where Lauren is with books that are just as good as Wither and Fever. I’ll look back on this post and remember what people drove me to be a better writer and a better person.

This is me being a fan girl.

If Lauren can do it, I can do it too.


Thank you!

Thank you to all of you who helped with the cover reveal! I am so, so, so grateful, and so happy that you all love it so much!

My winner for the earrings has been chosen, and it was Jessica from Fictional-Distraction.com. Thank you, Jessica, and enjoy your earrings!