EVANESCENCE is Finished!

I am happy to announce that I finished my first draft of EVANESCENCE this week. Yay! I know this probably isn’t very exciting for you, because you’ve yet to read LUMINOSITY, but it’s super exciting for me! I only wish I could share some of it with you — but it would make no sense, and would probably ruin all sorts of goodies in the first book, so you’ll have to be patient and wait. Forever. Well. Maybe not forever, but for a while anyways.

I know I’ve been saying that I’m going to run another contest soon, and I will. I just want to find something really creative and fun to do. I have a pretty feather necklace to give away and some LUMINOSITY swag that wants a new home.

Ooh, and I have a blog tour that is being put together as we speak, which is exciting! November is getting closer and closer, and soon you’ll all have a copy of LUMINOSITY all to yourselves! I know you just can’t wait — I can’t either. It’s still sort of surreal for me to think about, but I’m so glad it is happening. It will only be real to me when I am actually holding the book in my hands. I just can’t imagine it right now.

I have a countdown on my website, so go check it out and obsess about it like I do! 🙂


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